You are to pick a light sheer blouse that will let people know you are not wearing a bra. Wrap rubber bands arond the base of your tits. Get your nipples hard. Put on the blouse. Take 2 pins and put them thru your blouse and also your nipples. Go shopping fot 2 hours. If anyone asks about the pins tell them you like feeling pain and feel free to sueaaze your tits.

Its funny you should submit this. Its like I just said in my last post, I really love being made to show off. The more subtle the better, but I also like the idea of just being fucking blatant about it in scenarios like this.

And yet Im far too shy and weak willed to force myself to do it. I guess being made to do something absolves me of responsibility. Its like guys who love it when their wife/girlfriend make them suck dick, but at the same time it allows them to ‘totally not be gay’ because its not done by choice.

It also reminds me how much I miss putting on nipple clamps/chains under a shirt and going out. No one knows, but I sure do, and it really turns me on. I guess I know what Im doing next time Im out. Thank you!